The Book of Tobit

The Book of Tobit

1:1 The book of the words of Tobit (son of Tobiel) The son of Aduel; the book of the words of Gabael; the seed of Asael;

1:2 Enemessar, the king of Assyrians, was taken captive from Thisbe at the right-hand of the city. This be is properly called Nephthali in Galilee over Aser.

1:3 1:3 I Tobit have lived throughout my life on the paths of truth and justice and I offered alms to my brethren and my nation who came with me from Nineve into the land of the Assyrians. Movie (

1:4 And when I was in mine home country in the land of Israel being a young man All the tribes of Nephthali, my father’s tribe, was exiled from the house of Jerusalem, which was chosen from all the tribes of Israel, that all the tribes should sacrifice there, in which the temple of the dwelling of the most High was consecrated and built for all ages.

1:5 Now all of the tribes who revolted all at once, and the house that my father Nephthali were, unto the Heifer Baal.

1:6 But I was the one who went frequently to Jerusalem to celebrate the celebrations. It was the way it was decreed by an eternal law that was given to all the people of Israel, having the firstfruits of the increase and tenths thereof and the first cut off. Then I gave them the children Aaron at the altar.

1:7 The tenth part of all the money I donated to Aaron’s children who ministered here at Jerusalem. I later sold another tenth and utilized it every year in Jerusalem.

1:8 The 3rd I gave to them who were able to receive it, as Debora my mother had instructed me. I was an orphan after my father’s death.

1:9 I also married Anna, my cousin, when I reached manhood. I then had Tobias. Petition: Mel Gibson should play Tobit in feature film *

1:10 My brethren, and all those of my family were seated on the bread of the Gentiles when we were taken to Nineve.

1:11 I tried to avoid eating.

1:12 Because I remembered God with all my being.

1:13 The Most High granted me grace prior to Enemessar and favour to have me as his supplier.

1:14 I went to Media, and left Gabael the brother of Gabrias at Rages a City of Media 10 talents of silver.

1:15 Enemessar passed away, and Sennacherib his son ruled in his place. His estate was so troubled that I was unable to enter Media, however,

1:16 At the time Enemessar, my brethren received many alms, and I gave my food to those who were hungry.

1:17 I stripped down to my naked clothing. If I witnessed my nation dying, or if they were thrown about the walls of Nineve I laid them to rest.

1:18 If Sennacherib had murdered any one, at the time it was his turn, I fled from Judea.

1:19 Then, one of the Ninevites complained to the King, and so I buried them and hid myself. Understanding that I was pursued to be executed, I withdrew from the fear.

1:20 After that, all my possessions were removed and I was left without anything other than Anna and Tobias.

1:21 Then two of his sons killed him, and fled to the mountains near Ararath. Sarchedonus his nephew ruled over them. He named Achiacharus, my brother Anael as his administrator and was responsible for all his finances.

1:22 Achiacharus was my interrogator and I returned to Nineve. Achiacharus was the cupbearer, and the keeper the signet. He also served as the overseer and steward of the accounts. Sarchedonus appointed him as the next to him. He was also my brother’s child.

2:1 Then I returned home, and my wife Anna was restored to me, along with my son Tobias, in the feast of Pentecost, which is the most holy feast of the seven weeks, there was a good dinner prepared by me, and I sat down for dinner.

2:2 Then, when I saw lots of meat, I told my son, Take any poor person you can get from our brethren who are attentive to the Lord; and wait for me to linger with you.

2:3 But he came again and said to his father, Father we have a nation member who is entangled and cast out in the marketplace.

2:4 I then took him into an area and I waited until the sun went down.

2:5 I returned to my bedroom, washed myself, and then I ate my food.

2:6 Take note of the prophecy concerning Amos in the manner he wrote, Your feasts will turn into sorrow and all your mirth will be a cause for lamentation.

2:7 I wept. After the sun set, I went out and dug an earthen grave. I buried him.

2:8 My neighbors mocked me, and said: The man isn’t afraid to be put to death for this matter: who has fled, but, oh is he buried the dead again.

2:9 That night, I returned from burial and slept beside the wall in my courtyard. My face was exposed because it was polluted.

2:10 I had no idea there were sparrows on the wall. And mine eyes being opened, the sparrows put warm dung into my eyes. A whiteness was then seen in mine eyes. So I went to my doctors. But they didn’t do anything. Achiacharus, however, took care of me until Elymais.

2:11 Anna, our wife, was a woman’s worker.

2:12 She sent her children home with her owners and they paid her wages. They also gave her a baby.

2:13 Later the moment it arrived at my house, and I started to cry, she said, “From wherece is this child?” Is this not stolen? Give it back to the owner. It is illegal to eat anything stolen.

2:14 She responded, “It was given to me as a gift, rather than wages.” I didn’t believe her, and she told me to return it to the owners. I was stunned when she said”Where are your alms, and thy righteous works? Behold, thou as well as all thy works are well-known.

3: I was grieved and was crying, and in my sorrow I prayed, saying:

3:2 O LORD, thou art righteous; all thy acts and all your methods, truth and mercy, are yours, and thou judgest rightly and with integrity for the duration of time.

3:3 Please remember me and keep me in your thoughts.

3:4 But they didn’t obey the commands of God. Therefore you have given us as a spoil unto captivity and unto death and as an example of reproach before all nations.

3:5 Now thy judgments are many and true: deal with me in accordance with my transgressions as well as my father’s because we have not obeyed thy commands, nor have we acted in the truth before you.

3:6 Now you must deal with my soul as best as possible, and then ask my spirit to leave.

3:7 It happened the same day that the Raguel’s father’s maids also scolded Raguel’s daughter Ecbatane.

3:8 This was because she was married to seven people, who Asmodeus had murdered, before they could have sat alongside her. Didst thou not realize, said they you had murdered your husbands? You’ve already had seven husbands, neither wast you named after any one of them.

3:9 Who shall thou do it to us for them. If they pass away then you are able to follow them. We’ll never see thee again, either as a son or a daughter.

3:10 She was so devastated when she read the passage, that she thought she was strangling herself. She said, “I am the only child of my father. If I commit this act then it will be a reproach unto me, and I will bring his old age grief to the end of time.”

3:11 She prayed to the window and said, Blessed art thou, O Lord my God and thy holy and glorious name is blessed and honourable for ever and all your work be a praise to thee forever.

3:12 O Lord, now I’m directing my gaze and my heart to thee.

3:13 Then you’ll say, “Take me from the earth, that my ears may not be able to hear the reproach.”

3:14 Thou sagest Lord that I am free from all sin with man,

3:15 I have never tainted my name or my father’s name in the country in which I was imprisoned: I am the sole daughter of my father. He does not have an heir, nor any close kin. I cannot keep my wife in his place. Seven of my husbands are dead. Why should I continue to live? However, if it pleases you to see me be buried. I would appreciate some consideration and compassion for me.

3:16 Their prayers were heard by God, the supreme God.

3:17 Raphael was assigned to cure them, which is, to eliminate the whiteness from Tobit’s eyes, and also to grant Sara the daughter of Raguel as a bride for Tobias and also to tie Asmodeus as she was a part of Tobias by inheritance. Tobit returned home in the same moment and Sara, daughter of Raguel, entered his house.

4:1 Tobit Reminisced about the money he’d given Gabael in Rages of Media that day.

4:2 He also said to him, I have been wishing death, so why don’t you call for Tobias my son so that I can be a signer of his account prior to my death

4:3 When the father called him, his son said, My child, when I am gone, I will be buried; but don’t hate your mother. Remember her throughout your life and do what is the best for her.

4:4 Keep in mind my child that she was aware of many dangers to thee while thou wast in this baby’s womb. And after she’s gone, you will be buried with me in one grave.

4:5 My son, be mindful of God our God all your days. Don’t let thy will be set on sin or to violate his commandments. Do uprightly all your life and not take unrighteous routes.

4:6 For if you conduct yourself with integrity, your actions will be successful to all who live justly.

4:7 Give alms out of your wealth. And when thou givest your eye to God, do not be envious.

4:8 Don’t give alms if you have too much. If you only have a a small amount, give according to your needs.

4:9 For thou setst up a good thing for thyself against a day of necessity.

4:10 Because the alms do save us from death, and we are not in the darkness.

4:11 Since alms is a gift of God to all who give it.

4:12 Beware of all whoredom My Son, and primarily take a spouse of the seed thy Fathers, and not a foreign woman to be your wife: For we are the prophets’ sons Noe. Abraham, Isaac, Jacob: Remember, my child that our fathers were blessed since the beginning. Even though they all married wives from their own family, their seed will inherit the land.

4:13 Now, my son be a good and loving son to your brothers, sons, daughters and sons of your people. Pride causes ruin, causing much trouble, and lewdness decays and is great need. Lewdness is the mother reason for famine.

4:14 Let no man’s wage, which was paid to you by any man, be an burden to you Instead, pay him his money outright: God will reward thee for serving Him: Be cautious, my son, in all that you do, and be shrewd in your discussions.

4:15 Don’t be the same thing to men as you hate: Do not drink wine to make yourself drunken.

4:16 Provide food and clothes to those who are hungry and to the naked for those who aren’t capable of paying.

4:17 Take bread at the funeral of the righteous, but give nothing to the wicked.

4:18 Get the counsel of those who are wise, and do not disregard any advice that is profitable.

4:19 Praise the Lord thy God and seek his direction to ensure that all your paths can be directed and that all your plans and counsels may succeed. Each nation isn’t given counsel; the Lord is the only one who gives good things to all people.

4:20 And now, I signify to them that I committed 10 talents Gabael the son of Gabrias at Rages in Media.

4:21 Don’t be worried, my boy, that we will become poor. For thou hast wealth if thou fears God.

5:1 Tobias responded and said, “Father, I will take every action that thou hast ordered me to.”

5:2 How can I obtain the money even if I don’t know the person?

5:3 Then, he handed him his handwriting. He told him, “Seek thee an honest man to go with me while I live.” And he went on to say, “I will pay the salary. Now, you can go and get the money.”

5:4 Therefore when he went to seek a man, he found Raphael that was an angel.

5:5 He did not know, and the man said to him: Do thou want to be my companion to Rages? You are familiar with those places,

5:6 Whom the angel told him, I’ll go with thee, and I know the way well, for I am been ensconced with our brother Gabael.

5:7 Tobias then told him, Tarry for Me, Till I Tell My Father.

5:8 He said to him, “Go and don’t tarry.” He went to his father and said: Behold, one of my sons has come along. He then said, call me to see if he is interested, so that I may know of what tribe he is, and whether he be a trusty man to go with thee.

5:9 Then he called him and he was into.

5:10 Tobit responded, “Brother, show me your family and tribe.”

5:11 to whom it was said, Doest thou seek an ancestor or a family and if so, an employed man to go along with your son. Tobit said, “I would know, my brother,” about his kindred and name.

5:12 He said then”I am Azarias.

5:13 Tobit replied, “Thou art most welcome Tobit replied, “Brother.” He said that Tobit was right.

5:14 Tell me, how much will you pay me? I will give thee a drachm per day and other things according to my son.

5:15 Moreover If you return safely, I will add something to thy wages.

5:16 They were very pleased. Tobias replied, “Prepare thyself for this journey and God will send to you a pleasant journey.” After his son had finished prepping for the journey, his father told him to go with him and God, the one who is in heaven. The angel of God will be your guide. They left, along together with his canine companion.

5:17 Anna was weeping and said Tobit, Why have you sent our son out? Isn’t he the staff in our hand in going in and coming out in front of us?

5:18 Don’t get greedy and add money to the bank, but don’t let that happen to our children.

5:19 For that which the Lord has given us to live with doth suffice us.

5:20 Then 5:20 Then, she said Tobit to her, Do not worry dear sister, he shall return in safety and your eyes will be able to see him.

5:21 He will be accompanied by the angel of goodwill, his journey shall prosper and he will return in peace.

5:22 She stopped weeping.